The Quadra Plus has been superseded by superior technologies such as the AlienDVR and the HandyQuad.

Model: VPU101 with removable HDD
Quadra Plus with removable HDD


  • 4 x Video Inputs (BNC)
  • Audio Inputs - 2
  • Video Out BNC or VGA
  • Audio Output 1
  • USB Port
  • M-JPEG Compression
  • Single or Quad Display
  • 12FPS Recording per channel
  • Internal SATA HDD - Max 2TB Capacity
  • Video Motion Detection
  • Back-up via HDD or USB Device
  • 12v DC 40w Power Supply
12 FPS Recording
640x272 recording
Full Screen Playback
full screen playback
1 Hard Drive
up to 2Tb hard drive
USB stick
USB backup
motion detect
motion detect
12 volt DC
12 volt DC
2Ch audio

quadraplus device held in hand The Quadra can record in 12FPS on each channel in a picture quality often better than many DVRs on the market! Recording and displaying full sized images (not just a quad screen) using its built in high-performance multiplexer.

With a very simple method of backing up video files to a USB stick or drive, its very easy for the user or engineer to get vital evidence off the Quadra. Importantly, so that evidence can easily be used in court or by the police, the player software does not need to be installed on a computer and will actually play just from the memory stick if required.

Model: VPU100 with removable front panel
Quadra Plus with removable remote

Two models of Quadra are available, one has a removable hard disk caddy perfect for simple fitting, removal and swapping of hard drives. The other model has a removable front panel that means it is more “tamper-proof”. The front panel on this model also doubles as its IR remote control if required.